The Ghost Ship of Manannan

By talking to Leslie in the Sen Mag ┬áResidential town the player can start a quest which results in obtaining a key word, “How to board the ship”. Using this key word on Riocard in Bangor will result in him telling you a short story “Manannan’s Mysterious Ship” wherein he professes that he believes that “somewhere in this world there exists a ship who would sail on its own accord without sail or rudder”. This hidden quest was originally meant to give players a preview of the upcoming pioneers of Irria content as it allowed access to the then inaccessible Morva Aisle. During G16 the player must collect an item called Manannan’s tear,which is found on The Beach of Scathach, and if you watch the waters surrounding Scathach closely you can sometimes see a ghostly ship passing by. This evidence suggests that the ghost ship seen in Scathach is Mannannan’s “Wave Sweeper”, a magical vessel which could move on its own without sails and one of the many magical artifacts the mythological Manannan is known to have held, many of which can be found in Mabinogi as Falias treasures.

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